yukihiro takahashi album 'page by page'

Yukihiro Takahashi's new album 'Page By Page' features two co-writes by steve.
Catalogue Number TOCT-26798 EMI Music Japan
Price 3,000 yen
Release date: 11th March, 2009


Track Listing:

1.Out There (Featuring Lali Puna)
2.The Words (Featuring amiina)
3.My Favorite Hat 
4.Out of Here
5.Perfect Wound (Featuring Steve Jansen)
6.The Muse
7.Emerger (Featuring Keigo Oyamada a.k.a. Cornelius)
8.Atomic Chicken Dog (Featuring Atom)
9.You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away
10.Indefinable Point (Featuring Steve Jansen)
11.Meteor Rain -Leonids on the morning of November 17th- (Featuring Lali Puna & amiina)

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