Steve Jansen's exclusive download store

Feb 1st will see the launch of steve's own exclusive download store in collaboration with burning shed where you can download previously unreleased and recently completed material. new additions will be uploaded periodically and will be announced here and via the burning shed newsletter and social media.

comment from steve:
"the immediacy of releasing material through an exclusive download store allows compositions that have reached a point of completion, or that simply remain as unfinished works, to be released without pomp or ceremony. this approach to sharing files is an extension of the way i have worked on my recordings with people around the globe. the freedom to explore and experiment with audio sustains my interest in composition without the need to become embroiled in the concerns of format, release dates and music genres. this is for me an exploration into the most simple and direct means of music distribution that supplements the desire for complete artistic freedom."

Further news to follow.

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