steve jansen live performance 2008

steve jansen is to perform live at tokyo's Meguro Persimmon Hall in japan on february 29th 2008.


the performance will include syncopated visuals by shoko ise featuring vocalists from the album 'slope'. the musicians onstage will include 'cornelius' and takagi masakatsu. follow the link below for ticket information.


steve comment: 'this show is partly an experimentation with various japanese creatives who are taking on the challenge of replicating a very mixed musical bag (the content of my solo album 'slope'). there's an emphasis on the integration of technology and human performance. if we pull it off i'd like to think we can take the show to other major cities, circumstances permitting.

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tickets are availble for pre-order from the following links on the dates listed however you will need to register with these play guides. please be aware that superior seating is offered during these pre-order periods. (note: sites are in japanese only).

11/12~16 Disk Garage
11/15~21 Ticket Pia
11/17~21 eplus

Tickets will be made generally available at the following play guides from 2nd December.

Ticket Pia - P code: 276-018 | tel.0570-02-9999
Lawson Ticket - L code: 37574 | tel.0570-084-003


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