Latest album out now - The Extinct Suite


A reinterpretation of the more ambient and orchestral elements of ‘Tender Extinction’. Not a remix by any means, some familiar passages are woven together with additional pieces to create a suite of instrumentals lasting over 55 minutes as one single track. Ordering directly from Bandcamp is the most effective way of supporting the artist and will ensure you a signed physical copy (by request) as well as digital audio downloads of the entire album in various choices of format and a digital 'brochure' of the album artwork. Alternatively a digital download only may be purchased thus avoiding any shipping costs. Order here

Due to the limit of file sizes on Bandcamp the download version has been divided into two tracks, Part 1 & Part 2. This version will therefore not be as one continuous piece but instead split into two parts at a suitable point in the recording. To acquire one continuous recording please purchase the CD version. The download version will be included with your CD purchase.

Tasters from the album can be auditioned at sonicyard

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