‘kinoapparatom’ available on iTunes 23.03.2015


Recorded in Milan, Palazzina Liberty on 11th December 1999, Steve Jansen with keyboardist Claudio Chianura performed live to a screening of the Dziga Vertov’s film ‘The Man With A Movie Camera’ (‘Kinoapparatom’). Originally released on the Medium Productions label in 2001, this 2015 release will contain three additional tracks by Steve Jansen (‘Machine Room’, ‘Mirror’, ‘Ballerina’), all previously unreleased, taken from the same inspiration and completed in 2015.

The music is dark and foreboding whilst also at times playful and whimsical. As in the movie ‘Kinoapparatom’ there are elements of magic and trickery and a sense of montage, many fragments creating the whole. Virtov set about being a visual poet against the backdrop of everyday life in a Russia just prior to the weight of Stalinist orthodoxy that came crushing down on the avant-garde movement. This impending weight underlies many of the titles with mechanised loops and ambient dissonance, often interrupted by human or analogue frivolity.

01.Awakening - S.Jansen/C.Chianura - 06:29
02.Operator - S.Jansen/C.Chianura - 04:34
03.Gates Of Moscow - S.Jansen/C.Chianura - 04:09
04.Life Size - S.Jansen/C.Chianura/R.Zorzi/P.Chianura - 04:36
05.Elevator (alt version) - S.Jansen/C.Chianura/P.Chianura - 05:44
06.At Work - S.Jansen/C.Chianura/R.Zorzi/P.Chianura - 07.28
07.Playtime - S.Jansen/C.Chianura/R.Zorzi/P.Chianura - 06:40
08.Dusk - S.Jansen/C.Chianura/R.Zorzi - 06:33
09.Machine Room - S.Jansen - 04:40
10.Mirror - S.Jansen - 04:44
11.Ballerina - S.Jansen - 03:50

Total Running Time 59:27

Steve Jansen - samples, rhythm loops, keyboards & treatments
Claudio Chianura - electronics, samples, synthesiser
Roberto Zorzi - electric guitar
Piero Chianura - synthesiser

Tracks 01 to 08: editing and mixing by Claudio and Piero Chianura at Auditorium & Humidity Studio, Milano (track 05 additional treatments by Steve Jansen 2015)

Tracks 09, 10, 11 recorded and mixed by Steve Jansen at The Nest, London 2015

Project concept and direction Claudio Chianura. Cover concept and design Leanda Xavian & Jeremy Roots. Cover photography Gareth Sambidge.

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