Jansen Harajuku Performance 23.12.2010 UPDATE

Due to poor whether conditions in the UK causing flight disruptions and airport closures Steve has been unable to attend the Harajuku Performance event in Tokyo. There will be a movie screening as planned for the event and it will contain new soundtrack compositions by Steve however there will be no 'live' element to the show. Steve extends his personal apologies to all those with tickets hoping to see a live performance:

"due to circumstances beyond my control, and much to my personal disappointment, I have not been able to attend the Harajuku Performance as intended. I do hope those of you who have tickets will still enjoy the screening of the collaborative work between Shoko Ise and myself despite the fact that there will be no live element. Shoko and I have worked hard to bring the project together in a short time and were looking forward to appearing together onstage to represent the work and interact in a live capacity.

Of course, we hope the work can still be enjoyed as standalone pieces on 23rd and we'd enjoy hearing feedback from you at: twitter.com/epiphanyworks

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