Dreams From A Petrified Head

A short film by Dan Ouellette featuring music by Steve. Release date to be confirmed.


Dreams From A Petrified Head is the brainchild of Dan Ouellette, writer/filmmaker, artist and production designer. Ouellette's previous directorial work includes a collection of music videos for bands Android Lust, Foetus and The Birthday Massacre. He is also well known for his highly detailed pencil drawings featured in books alongside such surrealist masters as Beksinski and H.R. Giger and exhibited internationally.

Drawing inspiration from such disparate sources as Ghost In The Shell, 2001: A Space Odyssey and the novels of J.G. Ballard, Dan has crafted a no-budget speculative fiction film which utilized his access to a variety of professional NYC resources, including designing and building a large futuristic apartment set with 90% recycled materials. In the story, Jeremy Marker is a man engaged by an unseen government to rewrite the seditious online media of a deceased dissident, Amanda Sage. To do this effectively he must gain knowledge of the woman, but getting closer to her in a myriad of technological forms also brings him closer to her subversive ideas.

Ouellette initially used some of Steve Jansen's music in a temp soundtrack and then finally endeavored to directly engage Steve, who graciously accepted the invitation to create additional music for the complete soundtrack.






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