26.09.14: 'faced with nothing' - in digital stores

now also available at google play

as well as
amazon mp3
7 digital

05.09.14: 'Faced With Nothing' - featuring Nicola Hitchcock

A new single track release from Steve Jansen titled ‘Faced With Nothing’ featuring Nicola Hitchcock will be available from the iTunes store and other selected download stores from the 15th September 2014

A delicate, emotive song that fuses the intimacy and fragility often evoked by both composers.

(Those familiar with Steve’s work may feel this piece correlates with his previous titles: ‘My Winter’ & ‘Playground Martyrs’)

Music written, performed, recorded & mixed by Steve Jansen
Vocal performed & recorded by Nicola Hitchcock
Music arranged by Steve Jansen & Nicola Hitchcock
Lyrics by Nicola Hitchcock

25.04.14: 'slope' - digipak edition (triple cd)

Slope is now available from as a triple cd digipak edition. Redesigned by Carl Clover for this format, the deluxe limited edition is now sold out and no longer available.

16.01.14: three musical compositions by Jansen available as iPhone ringtones

Transience.jpg Innocence.jpg Inexistence-should have been this.jpg

'transience' - a 20 second rhythm loop (karn & jansen circa 1990) overlaid with ascending synth notation

'innocence' - a light, repetitive melody evolving over 19 seconds with an emerging percussive layer

'inexistence' - an 11 second sustained chordal flourish layered with various chimes resolving with digital percussion

available in the iTunes store - search: Steve Jansen | category: Ringtones

08.01.14: Slope (2013 Deluxe Edition) Volumes 1 2 & 3 links to iTunes

Slope (2013 Deluxe Edition), Vol.1.

Slope (2013 Deluxe Edition), Vol.2.

Slope (2013 Deluxe Edition), Vol.3.

click on 'view in iTunes' for local price

06.01.14: Slope Deluxe Edition available to download

Triple cd release now available to download via iTunes, Google Play, Amazon MP3, Sony Music Unlimited, 7Digital and various other digital resources such as Juke and Slacker.

Screen Shot 2013-12-28 at 13.06.46.png

Purchase as individual tracks or as 3 separate cd volumes titled:

Slope (Deluxe Edition Vol.1)
The Occurrence Of Slope (Deluxe Edition Vol.2)
Sound For Film (Deluxe Edition Vol.3)

(please note that although 6th January 2014 is the official release date it may take a few days for all releases to be facilitated)

30.08.13: slope - deluxe edition (triple cd preorder)

Pre-orders now available from Burning Shed

16.08.13: Slope - triple cd in deluxe digi-book format - Release Date 28.10.13


The triple cd set comprises the original album plus remixes, live recordings and instrumental soundtracks, presented in a deluxe dvd-sized digi-book, which includes lyrics and all new artwork by Carl Glover. (Burning Shed, bshed1305) - Release Date 28th October, 2013. Pre-orders will be available from Burning Shed soon. Retail price £14.99

Continue reading: Slope - triple cd in deluxe digi-book format - Release Date 28.10.13

03.08.13: 'slope' re-issue *updated

due to changes at samadhisound and the decision to surrender third party releases, 'slope' is to be re-issued as a three CD disc digi-book via steve jansen's own store at the burning shed label.

with all new artwork and a bonus track of a recently completed alternative remix of 'sow the salt' by jansen, the release is aimed for October/November, with pre-orders available through Burning Shed, and will be competitively priced.

(some changes have been made to the content of disc 3 below)

more news to follow.

track listing:

disc 1 - slope

01/ grip
02/ sleepyard
03/ cancelled pieces
04/ december train
05/ sow the salt
06/ gap of cloud
07/ playground martyrs
08/ a way of disappearing
09/ ballad of a deadman
10/ conversation over
11/ life moves on
12/ playground martyrs

slope remixes

13/ deadman’s ballad
14/ pieces cancelled
15/ colloquium terminat
16/ deadman’s cut
17/ sow the salt alternative version

disc 2 - the occurrence of slope

live at meguro persimmon hall tokyo
february 29, 2008

01/ prelude w/ grip
02/ sleepyard
03/ cancelled pieces
04/ december train
05/ sow the salt
06/ gap of cloud w/ playground martyrs w/ a way of disappearing
07/ ballad of a deadman
08/ conversation over
09/ life moves on w /playground martyrs reprise
10/ played out

disc 3 - sound for film

01/ ascent (swimming in qualia)
02/ glimpse (swimming in qualia)
03/ noema (extended version 2010)
04/ lingering
05/ resistentialism (extended version 2010)
06/ conscience
07/ ascent (swimming in qualia) live at meguro persimmon hall tokyo february 29, 2008 (short edit)
08/ let go

29.07.13: blackberry 'spirit' ringtone

composed for blackberry by steve in 2010, now considered the signature ringtone of blackberry, as seen featured in the netflix drama 'house of cards' with kevin spacey.

house of cards.png

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'Faced With Nothing' (featuring Nicola Hitchcock)

Face With Nothing thumb.jpg

Slope (2013 Deluxe Edition), Vol.1 - 'Slope'


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