neither present nor absent - 2019



01. Toward The Surface
02. Vertical Sleep
03. As We Drift
04. Blue Nest

A collaborative album from Steve Jansen and Lebanon based musician Maiya Hershey. An ambient work recorded in Lebanon and London. Subtle piano meld with gentle orchestral elements and synthesisers with layered so and design, loops and field recordings.

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Book Of Romance And Dust - 2018



01. Bested Bones
02. Short Of One Dimension
03. Sever Me
04. Passenger's Wake
05. North
06. Lessons In Doubt
07. Spider
08. Losing
09. Another Chance

exit north are:
Ulf Jansson - Piano, Keyboards
Charles Storm - Synthesisers, Treatments, Guitars, Bass, Voices
Steve Jansen - Keyboards, Drums, Percussion, Sound Design, Backing Vocals
Thomas Feiner - Lead Vocals, Trumpet, Additional Piano, Additional Guitar, Harmonium

all music composed and produced by Exit North
recording engineered by Charles Storm
mixed by Charles Storm & Exit North at Cloudchamber, Gothenburg
mastering by Seigen Ono at Saidera Mastering, Tokyo

An uncompromising debut album that explores the collective psyches and diverse influences of its renowned members. The focus is on songcraft that seamlessly combines genres and lyrical perspectives that shift between shadows and light.

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Book Of Romance And Dust - Double 180g Vinyl Edition 2018


Remastered for vinyl on two discs running at 45rpm to maximise quality and volume, presented in a gatefold sleeve with full lyrics and white inner bags. All purchases come with a postcard signed by the band.


Corridor - 2018



01. corridor
02. recovery room

music written, produced, recorded and mixed by Steve Jansen
sleeve artwork by Anna Malina Zemlianski, design by Carl Glover / Aleph Studios

A slowly evolving instrumental piece designed for playback in a gallery space with uncontrolled acoustics and no sound insulation. Avoiding percussive and complicated bass content this audio is designed to float in a live space at low level volume allowing sonic variations to subtly stimulate the ambience. Original installation at the Cape Breton University Art Gallery, Canada to accompany a photo exhibition titled 'Through A Quiet Window' by Steve Jansen May 11 to July 6, 2018. Previously released titles STER_01 & STER_02 are incorporated into this piece.

Bonus track 'Recovery Room' is another instrumental combining electronica and classical segments underpinned by Jansen's polyrhythmic beats and ambiguous time signatures.

all titles written, performed, produced & mixed by steve jansen
additional sound recording by charlie storm
‘recovery room’ charango & mastering by seigen ono at saidera mastering, Tokyo
artwork by anna malina zemlianski
design by carl glover for aleph studio

Available from Bandcamp

Now He Dreams - 2017


An instrumental piece by Steve Jansen, originally composed for inclusion on a Japanese label compilation promoting various album releases in 2001. This one-off track was never included on any official Jansen album release and, since the label has ceased to exist for a number of years, has not been available anywhere until now. Track remastering by Steve Jansen.

Available from Bandcamp

The Extinct Suite - 2017



01. the extinct suite

music written, produced, recorded and mixed by Steve Jansen
sleeve artwork by Anna Malina Zemlianski, design by Carl Glover / Aleph Studios

The third solo album release from Steve Jansen. A reinterpretation of the more ambient and orchestral elements of ‘Tender Extinction’. Not a remix by any means, some familiar passages are woven together with additional pieces to create a suite of instrumentals lasting over 55 minutes as one single track.

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slope - double vinyl limited edition 300 units - Headcount Records - 2017


The 10th anniversary vinyl release of Steve Jansen's debut album Slope. 180g 2×LP. Housed inside a gatefold sleeve. Cut at 45rpm for optimum audio quality. Full colour sleeve & labels.



01. grip
02. sleepyard
03. cancelled pieces
04. december train
05. sow the salt
06. gap of cloud
07. playground martyrs
08. a way of disappearing
09. ballad of a deadman
10. conversation over
11. life moves on
12. playground martyrs (reprise)

tender extinction - 2016



01. captured
02. sadness
03. her distance
04. memory of an imagined place
05. give yourself a name
06. diaphanous one
07. faced with nothing
08. mending a secret
09. simple day
10. and birds sing at night

music produced, recorded and mixed by Steve Jansen
sleeve photography and artwork by Carl Glover / Aleph Studios

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stone to flesh - kscope - 2015


A Jansen & Barbieri album originally released in 1995. Featuring guest performances from Steven Wilson (guitar), Colin Edwin (bass).


1. Mother London (8:55]
2. Sleepers Awake (9:14)
3. Ringing The Bell Backwards: Part 1 - Siren; Part 2 - Drift (9:42)
4. Swim There (8:06)
5. Closer Than 'i' (7:13)
6. Everything Ends In Darkness (7:17)

Bonus Track:

7. Map Of Falling (7:33)

Available from kscope via burning shed

lumen - CD & vinyl - kscope - 2015


The only ever live performance from Jansen & Barbieri captured at the legendary Melkweg venue in Amsterdam, available on CD and vinyl for the first time. Featuring Mick Karn on bass and saxophone plus Steven Wilson on guitar.


1. Sleepers Awake (8:08)
2. When Things Dream (3:15)
3. Lumen (3:37)
4. The Night Gives Birth (4:58)
5. Long Tales, Tall Shadows (5:14)
6. Beginning To Melt (11:30)

Bonus Track:

7. Crossing The Border (4:51)

Available from kscope via burning shed

kinoapparatom - digital download - 2015


Recorded in Milan, Palazzina Liberty on 11th December 1999, Steve Jansen with keyboardist Claudio Chianura performed live to a screening of the Dziga Vertov’s film ‘The Man With A Movie Camera’ (‘Kinoapparatom’). Originally released on the Medium Productions label in 2001, this 2015 release will contain three additional tracks by Steve Jansen (‘Machine Room’, ‘Mirror’, ‘Ballerina’), all previously unreleased, taken from the same inspiration and completed in 2015.

The music is dark and foreboding whilst also at times playful and whimsical. As in the movie ‘Kinoapparatom’ there are elements of magic and trickery and a sense of montage, many fragments creating the whole. Virtov set about being a visual poet against the backdrop of everyday life in a Russia just prior to the weight of Stalinist orthodoxy that came crushing down on the avant-garde movement. This impending weight underlies many of the titles with mechanised loops and ambient dissonance, often interrupted by human or analogue frivolity.


01.Awakening - S.Jansen/C.Chianura - 06:29
02.Operator - S.Jansen/C.Chianura - 04:34
03.Gates Of Moscow - S.Jansen/C.Chianura - 04:09
04.Life Size - S.Jansen/C.Chianura/R.Zorzi/P.Chianura - 04:36
05.Elevator (alt version) - S.Jansen/C.Chianura/P.Chianura - 05:44
06.At Work - S.Jansen/C.Chianura/R.Zorzi/P.Chianura - 07.28
07.Playtime - S.Jansen/C.Chianura/R.Zorzi/P.Chianura - 06:40
08.Dusk - S.Jansen/C.Chianura/R.Zorzi - 06:33
09.Machine Room - S.Jansen - 04:40
10.Mirror - S.Jansen - 04:44
11.Ballerina - S.Jansen - 03:50

Total Running Time 59:27

Steve Jansen - samples, rhythm loops, keyboards & treatments
Claudio Chianura - electronics, samples, synthesiser
Roberto Zorzi - electric guitar
Piero Chianura - synthesiser

Tracks 01 to 08: editing and mixing by Claudio and Piero Chianura at Auditorium & Humidity Studio, Milano (track 05 additional treatments by Steve Jansen 2015)

Tracks 09, 10, 11 recorded and mixed by Steve Jansen at The Nest, London 2015

Project concept and direction Claudio Chianura. Cover concept and design Leanda Xavian & Jeremy Roots. Cover photography Gareth Sambidge.

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slope - deluxe edition (triple cd). burning shed - 2013. digital download - 2014


A triple cd set comprising the original ‘slope’ album plus remixes, live recordings and instrumental soundtracks, presented in a deluxe digi-book, which includes lyrics and all new artwork.


disc 1 - slope:

01. grip
02. sleepyard
03. cancelled pieces
04. december train
05. sow the salt
06. gap of cloud
07. playground martyrs
08. a way of disappearing
09. ballad of a deadman
10. conversation over
11. life moves on
12. playground martyrs (reprise)

slope remixes:

13. deadman’s ballad
14. pieces cancelled
15. colloquium terminat
16. sow the salt alternative version

disc 2 - the occurrence of slope live at meguro persimmon hall tokyo, february 29, 2008:

01. prelude w/ grip
02. sleepyard
03. cancelled pieces
04. december train
05. sow the salt
06. gap of cloud w/ playground martyrs w/ a way of disappearing
07. ballad of a deadman
08. conversation over
09. life moves on w/ playground martyrs reprise
10. played out

disc 3 - sound for film:

01. ascent (swimming in qualia)
02. glimpse (swimming in qualia)
03. noema (extended version, 2010)
04. lingering
05. resistentialism (extended version, 2010)
06. conscience
07. ascent (swimming in qualia) live (short edit, 2008)
08. let go

swimming in qualia was a commissioned soundtrack for a video installation by shoko ise. created over a period of months during mid to late 2007. this was a work in two parts for two projectors playing consecutively: ‘ascent’ - the main body of the composition, and ‘glimpse’ - a shorter, looping sequence. the installation was featured as part of the ‘still / alive’ exhibit of contemporary art and photography in japan held at the tokyo/metropolitan museum of photography from 22 december 2007 to 20 february 2008. titles 03,04, 05 were created for short films by shoko ise included as extras on the live dvd ‘the occurrence of slope’. titles 03 and 05 were later reworked for a live performance by ise and jansen in harajuku, tokyo in december 2010 and were not previously released in this extended form. 'conscience' and 'let go' are both previously unreleased pieces created for short films. 'sow the salt alternative version' is a remix by steve jansen exclusively for this release.

available from Burning Shed

also available as a digital download in three volumes from

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Slope (2013 Deluxe Edition), Vol.1.
Slope (2013 Deluxe Edition), Vol.2.
Slope (2013 Deluxe Edition), Vol.3.

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Slope (2013 Deluxe Edition), Vol.1.
Slope (2013 Deluxe Edition), Vol.2.
Slope (2013 Deluxe Edition), Vol.3.

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Slope (2013 Deluxe Edition), Vol.1.
Slope (2013 Deluxe Edition), Vol.2.
Slope (2013 Deluxe Edition), Vol.3.


Slope (2013 Deluxe Edition), Vol.1.
Slope (2013 Deluxe Edition), Vol.2.
Slope (2013 Deluxe Edition), Vol.3.

Captured Through A Quiet Window. Burning Shed - 2013

A haunting and cinematic six and a half minute instrumental featuring strings, piano, clarinet and an insistent rhythmic momentum.


01: Captured Through A Quiet Window

Composed, recorded and mixed by Steve Jansen

No longer available as a Digital Download only from Burning Shed.

Exit North. Burning Shed - 2013

Originally composed to accompany a visual performance entitled 'North' in 2010, the track remained unfinished and was subsequently completed in January 2013. A fourteen and a half minute instrumental combining electro-atmospherics, plaintive piano and Jansen's inimitable percussive/rhythmic touch, the piece climaxes with a beautifully uplifting, repeating Mimimalist sequence. This version, along with artwork photography by Jansen, is available only as an mp3 and a flac download.


01: Exit North

Composed, recorded and mixed by Steve Jansen

No longer available as a Digital Download only from Burning Shed.

The Occurrence Of Slope. Samadhisound - 2009

the occurrence of slope

the soundtrack for steve jansen's live dvd 'the occurrence of slope' recorded in tokyo in february 2008 features performances from jansen, (drums & keyboards), keigo oyamada - aka cornelius (gtrs), masakatsu takagi (piano & keyboards) and a string quartet led by seigen tokuzawa, and includes the entire music from 'slope' plus a live interpretation of the 24 minute ambient piece 'ascent' (part of a series of works entitled 'swimming in qualia'). also included is the opening and closing music composed by jansen, as well as track segues only available previously on the dvd. the download is also bundled with credit sheets designed by chris bigg.


01: prelude (opening music) w/ grip
02: sleepyard
03: cancelled pieces
04: december train
05: sow the salt
06: gap of cloud w/ playground martyrs w/ a way of disappearing
07: ballad of a deadman
08: conversation over
09: life moves on w/ playground martyrs(reprise)
10: ascent (swimming in qualia
11: played out (closing music)

no longer available as an individual release - see 'slope deluxe edition' listed above for audio content available

The Occurrence Of Slope. Epiphany Works Ltd./Blues Interactions Inc. - 2008

the occurrence of slope

Steve Jansen's live performance in Tokyo Feb 29th 2008 - filmed in high definition. Japanese import.
The musicians onstage:
Steve Jansen (drums, keyboards, computer programming, string arrangements)
Keigo Oyamada (guitars)
Masakatsu Takagi (piano, keyboards)
String Quartet lead by Seigen Tokuzawa

Visuals and sleeve design by Shoko Ise.

Vocalists on screen during the performance:
Tim Elsenburg (Sweet Billy Pilgrim)
Thomas Feiner
Anja Garbarek
Nina Kinert
David Sylvian
Joan Wasser

Live content includes previously unreleased music as well as a live interpretation of the soundtrack 'ascent' written for Shoko Ise's film installation 'swimming in qualia'.

DVD extra features include exclusive, unreleased collaborative works by Jansen & Ise - 4 film shorts with looped playback.


PART I [slope]

01: prelude
02: grip
03: sleepyard
04: cancelled pieces
05: december train
06: sow the salt
07: gap of cloud
08: playground martyrs
09: a way of disappearing
10: ballad of a deadman
11: conversation over
12: life moves on
13: playground martyrs(reprise)

PART II [swimming in qualia]

14: ascent

15: played out (closing titles)


01: lingering
02: dance of seperation
03: resistentialism
04: noema

No longer available as a DVD release - see 'slope deluxe edition' listed above for audio content available

Slope Remixes. Samadhisound - 2008

SJ 4 remix pack shot.jpg

4 special remixes from Steve Jansen's 'Slope' album.
Radical remixes of 'Ballad Of A Deadman' and 'Cancelled Pieces' by Steve Jansen. A reworking of 'Conversation Over' by Tim Elsenburg aka Sweet Billy Pilgrim. An alternative mix of 'Ballad Of A Deadman' by David Picking aka Rhinoceros.


1: deadman's ballad
2: pieces cancelled
3: colloquium terminat
4: deadman's cut

no longer available as an individual release - see 'slope deluxe edition' listed above for audio content available

Swimming In Qualia (Ascent). Samadhisound - 2008

Steve Jansen - Slope

Steve Jansen's twenty four minute track 'Ascent' written for the Shoko Ise installation 'Swimming in Qualia'. Offered in both mp3 and flac formats the download comes with cover artwork and credit sheet designed by Chris Bigg as well as specially designed wallpapers from Shoko Ise.

Tracklisting / MP3 Samples

1: Ascent

No longer available as an individual release - see 'slope' deluxe edition above for audio content available

Slope. Samadhisound - 2007

Steve Jansen - Slope

The album features guest contributions from Tim Elsenburg, Thomas Feiner, Anja Garbarek, Nina Kinert, David Sylvian, Theo Travis and Joan Wasser (Joan As Policewoman). Presented as ever in a beautiful digipak with design by Chris Bigg.

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Tracklisting / MP3 Samples

1: Grip

2: Sleepyard, featuring Tim Elsenburg

3: Cancelled Pieces, featuring Anja Garbarek

4: December Train

5: Sow The Salt, featuring Thomas Feiner

6: Gap Of Cloud

7: Playground Martyrs, featuring David Sylvian

8: A Way Of Disappearing

9: Ballad Of A Deadman, featuring Joan Wasser and David Sylvian

10: Conversation Over

11: Life Moves On

12: Playground Martyrs (Reprise), featuring Nina Kinert

No longer in print but limited copies are still available from Steve Jansen's Bandcamp page


(Steve Jansen, David Sylvian and Burnt Friedman)

Money For All. Samadhisound - 2007

Nine Horses - Money For All

"Money For All" is an extended play cd from David Sylvian, Steve Jansen, and Burnt Friedman's band 'Nine Horses'. It features two new tracks, 'Money For All' (the title of the ep), co-written by David and Burnt and 'Get the hell out' by Steve and David. The ep also features remixes and interpretations by Burnt of three tracks from the Nine Horses album 'Snow Borne Sorrow' (The Banality Of Evil, Wonderful World, and Serotonin) and alternative versions of the two new tracks plus the Japanese only released bonus track 'Birds Sing For Their Lives' with Stina Nordenstam.

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1: Money For All

2: Get The Hell Out

3: The Banality Of Evil (Burnt Friedman Remix)

4: Wonderful World (Burnt Friedman Remix)

5: Birds Sing For Their Lives

6: Serotonin (Burnt Friedman Remix)

7: Money For All (Version)

8: Get The Hell Out (Burnt Friedman Remix)

More information can be found at

Wonderful World. Samadhisound - 2006


“Wonderful World” is the first single release to be taken from the acclaimed Nine Horses album "Snow Borne Sorrow". It features a previously unreleased composition, ‘When Monday Comes Around’, along with a radio edit of “Wonderful World”.

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Tracklisting / MP3 samples

1: Wonderful World
2: The Banality Of Evil
3: When Monday Comes Around
4: Wonderful World (Radio Edit)

More information can be found at

Snow Borne Sorrow. Samadhisound - 2005


Working under the group name of Nine Horses "Snow Borne Sorrow" is a critically acclaimed collaboration between Steve Jansen, his brother and frequent collaborator David Sylvian and electronic composer / remixer Burnt Friedman.

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1: Wonderful World
2: Darkest Birds
3: The Banality Of Evil
4: Atom And Cell
5: A History Of Holes
6: Snow Borne Sorrow
7: The Day The Earth Stole Heaven
8: Serotonin
9: The Librarian

More information can be found at


Kinoapparatom. Medium Productions - 2001


A live soundtrack recording to a special screening of the original1929 Vertov classic 'Man with a Movie Camera'

In December 1999 Steve Jansen performed with Italian keyboardist, composer and producer Claudio Chianura and two additional Italian musicians, Roberto Zorzi, guitar and Piero Chianura, keyboard effects, in a semi-improvised format to a special screening of the renowned Dziga Vertov film ÔKinoapparatomÕ ('Man with a Movie Camera') at the Palazzina Liberty in Milan. An abstract and intense work where transient tones are dispersed by evolving moods. Dark substance carried on mechanised rhythms, fragile and impending.

1: awakening
2: operator
3: gates of moscow
4: life size
5: elevator
6: at work
7: playtime
8: dusk

Original release no longer available - see digital release 2015 listed above


Changing Hands. Medium Productions - 1998


a one-off collaboration with japanese dj composer nobukazu takemura. co-compositions, mostly instrumental with jansen providing vocals on 'at eleven'.

1: sun trap in the sea
2: subtle bodies
3: at eleven
4: spaced
5: empty orchestra
6: the children gathering around the lake
7: memory and listening

Original release no longer available

Other Worlds In A Small Room. Medium Productions - 1996


a re-issue of four tracks from the original recording 'worlds in a small room' all digitally re-mastered plus three new instrumental titles.

1: remains of a fragile illusion
2: light years
3: a disturbed sense of distance
4: breaking the silence
5: blue lines
6: the way the light falls
7: distant fire

Purchase from Bandcamp
Purchase from the burning shed.

Stone To Flesh. Medium Productions - 1995


a combination of instrumentals and songs with jansen once again providing vocals.

1: mother london
2: sleepers awake
3: ringing the bell backwards Part-1: Siren Part-2:drift
4: swim there
5: closer then 'i'
6: everything ends in darkness

Purchase from the burning shed.

Stories Across Borders. Venture Records - 1991


an instrumental release.

1: long tales, tall shadows
2: when things dream
3: lumen
4: the insomniac's bed
5: the night gives birth
6: celebration
7: nocturnal sightseeing
8: one more zombie

Catch The Fall (as: The Dolphin Brothers) Virgin Records - 1987


A collection of songs co-written by jansen & barbieri and sung by steve jansen. released under the band name of 'the dolphin brothers'.

1: catch the fall
2: shining
3: second sight
4: love that you need
5: real life, real answers
6: host to the holy
7: my winter
8: pushing the river

Worlds In A Small Room. JVC Victor(Japan)/Pan East(UK) - 1985

wiasr-1.jpg wiasr-2.jpg

The first collaboration between Steve Jansen and Richard Barbieri after the group Japan split. Recorded in Japan as part of a series of ambient video releases from jvc victor, this was a soundtrack composed for nasa space shuttle mission film footage. The Japanese version has a 'white circle' sleeve and contains a vocal track by jansen which was omitted on the pan east version, the 'astronaut helmet' sleeve.

1: breaking the silence
2: toys
3: blue lines
4: mission
5: the way the light falls
6: balance
7: moving circles
8: distant fire
9: move in circles (japanese version only)

1977 Adolescent Sex. Hansa Records
1978 Obscure Alternatives. Hansa Records
1979 Quiet Life. Hansa Records
1980 Gentlemen Take Polaroids. Virgin Records
1981 Tin Drum. Virgin Records
1983 Oil On Canvas (Live Album). Virgin Records
1984 Exorcising Ghosts (Compilation). Virgin Records
1991 Rain Tree Crow. Virgin Records

1999 _ism. Polydor / Cross (Japan) / Medium Productions (UK)
2001 Playing In A Room With People. Medium Productions

1984 Yukihiro Takahashi. Wild And Moody. Alfa Records
1986 Takahashi / Jansen. Stay Close. TENT/Canyon Records
1990 Yukihiro Takahashi. Broadcast From Heaven. Toshiba EMI
1991 Yukihiro Takahashi. A Day In The Next Life. Toshiba EMI
1991 Yukihiro Takahashi. A Night In The Next Life. Toshiba EMI
1991 Yukihiro Takahashi. Life Time, Happy Time. Toshiba EMI
1994 Yukihiro Takahashi. Mr.Y.T. Toshiba/EMI
1997 Pulse. Con-Sipio Records (Japan) / Medium Productions (UK)
1998 Yukihiro Takahashi. A Ray Of Hope. Con-Sipio Records
1998 Yukihiro Takahashi. 'Run After You' Live 1998. Con-Sipio Records
1998 Pulse Remix. Con-Sipio Records (Japan) / Medium Productions (UK)
2006 Yukihiro Takahashi. Blue Moon Blue. Toshiba
2009 Yukihiro Takahashi. Page By Page. EMI Music Japan
2012 RED DIAMOND - Tribute to Yukihiro Takahashi. EMI Music Japan
2013 Yukihiro Takahashi. One Fine Night 60th Anniversary Live (dvd/blue ray) Hints Music

1982 Bamboo Houses (Sylvian / Sakamoto). Virgin Records
1984 Brilliant Trees. Virgin Records
1985 Alchemy: An Index Of Possibilities. Virgin Records
1986 Gone To Earth. Virgin Records
1987 Secrets Of The Beehive. Virgin Records
1989 Pop Song. Virgin Records
1999 Dead Bees On A Cake. Virgin Records
2000 Everything and Nothing. Virgin Records
2002 Camphor. Virgin Records
2004 world citizen. samadhisound
2010 sleepwalkers samadhisound
2012 a victim of stars 1982 - 2012 virgin records

1982 Masami Tsuchiya. Rice Music. Epic/Sony
1982 Akiko Yano. Ai-Ga-Nakuchane. Japan Records
1987 Mick Karn. Dreams Of Reason Produce Monsters. Virgin Records
1990 Joan Armatrading. Hearts And Flowers. AM Records
1991 Claudia Brucken. Love And A Million Other Things. Island Records
1992 Annie Lennox. Diva. BMG Records
1993 Mick Karn. Bestial Cluster. CMP Records
1994 Richard Barbieri and Tim Bowness. Flame. One Little Indian
1996 David Torn. What Means Solid, Traveller? CMP Records
1998 Mandalay. Empathy. V2
1999 Perry Blake. Still Life. Naive Records
2000 Mick Karn. Each Eye A Path. Medium Productions
2001 No Man. Returning Jesus. 3rd Stone Records
2001 Anja Garbarek. smiling and waving. virgin records
2001 ryuichi sakamoto. zero landmine. wea
2004 andrea chimenti. vietato morire. audioglobe/santeria
2005 anja garbarek. angel-a. emi
2006 ryuichi sakamoto. bricolage. warner music
2007 penguin café orchestra. tribute. commons

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