Steve Jansen Biography

Born 1959 into a family of five. Survived South London for 18 years. Schooling provided the angst, music the inspiration. Acquiring guitars in '71 inspired my brother David and I to create our own music. Being left handed was a set back so took up playing percussion. David and I became musical partners inspired by early Bolan/Finn recordings. Switched to drums in '74 with Mick Karn on bass. Signed to first label in 77. Success in Japan sustained us compensating for relative failure elsewhere until signing with Virgin Records in '80. The rest of Japan's history is well documented. Due to the band's success and sudden disbanding many compilations have since emerged. Original members reformed for a one-off recording as Rain Tree Crow in '90.

A consistent partnership developed between myself and Richard Barbieri and together we produced a series of 5 studio albums between '85 and '96 for Virgin Records, Venture Records, and my own label Medium Productions which I formed in '91 with Karn and Barbieri. These were primarily instrumental works with occasional vocal compositions. Sustained long term co-writing / recording / touring relationship with Yukihiro Takahashi (Yellow Magic Orchestra). Also teamed up with various artists for other Medium Productions releases: DJ Takemura, Claudio Chianura. Aside from these collaborations work has been diverse. I've contributed as a musician, composer, producer, mixing engineer and live performer to alternative and occasional mainstream artists. Post 2000 I've worked in collaboration with David Sylvian on various recordings as a member of a thee piece Nine Horses for Samadhi Sound. Released my debut solo album 'Slope' in 2007 followed by various other releases which can be found on the discography page.