18.04.19: An in-depth interview with Steve Jansen

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17.04.19: Filmed by Steve Jansen during the Exit North recording sessions 2018

30.12.18: Exit North double 180g vinyl now in stock


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25.09.18: Exit North CD arrived in the UK today

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03.09.18: Exit North Album Trailer

02.09.18: Exit North website now live

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02.09.18: Exit North debut album 'book of romance and dust' - Pre-order now at Bandcamp


Exit North debut album ‘Book of Romance and Dust’ is now ready to pre-order (release/shipping date October 1st 2018). Pre-orders eligible to download 2 tracks. The CD is a beautifully presented 6 panel digipack including all lyrics. The first 300 orders will include a band postcard (3 versions-100 of each) half of which are signed and randomly dispersed. Full download also includes two high resolution lyric sheets with text overlaid upon imagery and full digipack artwork. Head over to Bandcamp

Exit North are Steve Jansen, Thomas Feiner, Ulf Jansson and Charles Storm.

14.05.18: 'corridor' a new release on Bandcamp

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A slowly evolving instrumental piece designed for playback in a gallery space with uncontrolled acoustics and no sound insulation. Avoiding percussive and complicated bass content this audio is designed to float in a live space at low level volume allowing sonic variations to subtly stimulate the ambience. Original installation at the Cape Breton University Art Gallery, Canada. Pre-order now on Bandcamp

09.05.18: photo exhibition at The Cape Breton University


a photo and music installation by Steve Jansen at The Cape Breton University, Canada from May 11 until July 6, 2018. An opening reception will be held at the Gallery on Friday, May 11 from 6 – 8 pm.

venue: The Cape Breton University Art Gallery in Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada
admission: free
curator: Greg Davies

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09.05.18: postcard prints available from bandcamp

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two sets of 4 postcard size images from steve's photo book 'through a quiet window' are available to purchase from Bandcamp

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'The Extinct Suite'


'Tender Extinction'



Steve Jansen - Slope

Slope (2013 Deluxe Edition)


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